"I Love You"

"In madness, love and death are one"

Sema Zenema   production

an independent film - a thought-provoking film

It is a 2023 psychological horror short thriller written by Horst Tran and directed by Rafael Maria Friebe, starring Katharina Gareis, Felix Graf, Vanessa Klein and Erik Schuecker.

a dramatic film

"I Love You" is hard to forget and is one of those that become engraved in your heart. 

I Love You

Marcel and Carla's life would be in harmony if Marcel had not fallen ill with schizophrenia a year ago, which has been treated with tablets ever since. Unfortunately, the side effects of these tablets are so unpleasant for Marcel that he recently stopped taking them. As a result, a strong schizophrenic attack has occurred, in which Marcel falsely imagines that he has been cheated on by Carla several times with other men. In revenge, he has Carla bound and gagged and abuses her with a knife and with blows. However, he is not even aware of this, but hallucinates a harmonious loving coexistence with Carla. He is thus extremely split in personality. The film shows both dimensions of this split, the real and the hallucinated one. When a visitor, Janna, rings the doorbell, the hallucinating Marcel kindly lets her enter the apartment where the bloody disaster is already taking its course...
This film's story and screenplay are written by Horst Tran and it is directed by Rafael Maria Friebe.


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Thematically, 'I Love You' sees itself in the tradition

of Zack Snyder's 'Sucker Punch' and David Fincher's 'Fight Club', both of which vary the schizophrenia motif. In 'Sucker Punch' the innocent victim of a time-typical innocent victim of a period-typical criminal psychiatry (1950s) hallucinates (1950s) on two levels (fantasy brothel and steampunk dreamland), in order to escape the pressure of suffering that is imposed on her in the mental imposed on her in the mental hospital.

In 'Fight Club', the nameless protagonist hallucinates a second protagonist who is in fact a project of his unconscious desires, although it is not until the end of the film that it becomes clear that both characters are one and the same person.

In 'I Love You' the constellation

is completely different, but equally closely interwoven with the schizophrenia motif, with the plot very loosely based on the Brackenbury/Wild crime case in 2016, which caused a furor in England at the time. 

Sema Zenema

Sema Zenema is an independent film company run by Hülya Friebe. We develop and produce independent film - both shorts and features. We also provide a range of other services including script development, production mangement and producing for other companies, and consultancy around management of production. We also produce high-quality commercial and documentary films and music clips with cause-related, purpose-filled content at our core. 

Director & DoP: Rafael Maria Friebe
Story & Screenplay: Horst Tran
Title song "Sweet Paradise" by Vanessa Klein
Song audio production: Vanessa Klein, Andreas Morth "Oinzee"

Carla: Katharina Gareis
Marcel: Felix Graf
Janna: Vanessa Klein
Officer: Erik Schuecker

Producers: Horst Tran & Rafael Maria Friebe

Camera Operator: Erik Reiber
Grip: Peter Meister

Key make-up artist: Ronja Vasel
Property master & location scout: Erik Schuecker
Editor: Rafael Maria Friebe

Boom operator: Chiara Frauenknecht
Gaffer: Erik Reiber
Sound design & foley artist & production design: Rafael Maria Friebe
Casting: Hülya Friebe & Rafael Maria Friebe
Graphics design: Rafael Maria Friebe & Erik Reiber
Re-recording mixer: Heiko Hager
Sound mixing: Rafael Maria Friebe & Hülya Friebe 

Voice actors:
Carla: Florentina Mannchen
Marcel: Sebastian Fjeld
Janna: Sopie Hernandez
#1: Sebastian Fjeld
#2: Heiko Hager

Special THANKS to:
Akademie Deutsche POP
United POP
Patrick Stilrich

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